We’ve reviewed quite a few beers, but of course, some were better than others. For those who just want to skip to the good stuff, below is a list of the top five beers we’ve reviewed.

Bridge Road/Nøgne ø Aurora Borealis II

Bridge Road Brewers/Nøgne ø Aurora Borealis IIThis is a great barrel aged tripel. This beer was made in Norway and shipped to Australia in French cognac barrels, leaving the distinct taste of cognac throughout the beer. This one is on the strong side, but well worth it. 8.13/10

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Rogue Dead Guy

rogue.jpgRogue’s flagship beer, the Dead Guy! This is one of the best ales out there. With a yeast specially developed by Rogue, it’s a unique beer that tastes like nothing else. Thankfully this one is pretty is to track down. 8.06/10

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Killer Sprocket Amber Ale

Killer Sprocket Amber AleKiller Sprocket is a small Australian brewery that’s very unassuming, but they make brilliant beer. Their amber ale is easy to drink, yet complex and interesting. It’s just a great beer. 8.00/10

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 North Coast Brewing Acme IPA

North Coast Brewery Acme IPANorth Coast’s Acme IPA is a craft beer that set the standard of craft beers. This is an American IPA that so many other American IPA’s have tried to emulate. Sure, it tastes a bit “typical” now, but that’s only because everyone else is trying to do what they did. 8.00/10

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Rogue Beard Beer

Rogue Beard BeerIt’s a beer made with beard yeast harvested from a Brewmaster’s beard, need we say more? This American Wild Ale isn’t too wild actually, it’s actually quite smooth and only very slightly sour. 8.00/10

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So those are our five top beers. Check back regularly to see if they change.