Best Winemaking Filter Systems

Making wine at home, in the backyard or basement, is one of the most fulfilling experiences and pastimes, given that you’re doing it right. For many people, taking on home winemaking remains out of the question because it is not easy without the right set of equipment.

In a Hurry? Here are Our Top Choices

A quality filter system is one of those tools and equipment that are essential to any winemaking. Sediment is produced as a byproduct when the grapes nectar ferments and transforms into alcohol. Without removing that sediment from the mixture, you can’t give the distilled liquid the texture and taste that turns it into fine wine.

The 5 Best Winemaking Filter Systems

In short, you can’t make good wine without the right filter system. If you’ve just ventured into home winemaking and don’t know where to find the best winemaking filter system, then read on. We’ve researched and shortlisted five of the best winemaking filter systems available in the market.

1. Buon Vino Mini Jet Filter

If you’ve just started winemaking and keeping it to small batches, then this compact filter by Buon Vino could be a suitable option. The best thing about this mini jet filter is its ergonomic footprint. You don’t have to clear extra space for setting it up.

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Even if your kitchen is your winery, the use of this Buon Vino Mini Jet Filter matter will remain handy. The other impressive bit about this filter is its self-priming mechanism. It keeps on working even if there is a vacuum produced within the filter.

Many filters start leaking and dripping after some time of use. However, this doesn’t happen in this mini jet filter. It features a built-in drainage tube and a drip tray so you can make your home wines without making any mess.


  • Filters up to 10 gallons of wines from a single pad
  • Easy-to-use— strong electric filtration
  • No-mess winemaking— comes with a drainage and drip tray


  • Slightly low on  suction power

2. BUON Vino Complete Mini Jet Wine Filter

This is a slight upgrade to the mini jet filter reviewed above. It has the same compact footprint but a sturdier frame. This one also features a self-priming pump and an electric motor that makes your home winemaking a breeze.

This small winemaking filter has the capacity of filtering 20 liters in just 15 minutes. This means you can filter your entire wine batch in one go. Like the earlier mini jet version, this one also sports a drainage system consisting of a pipe and tray for enabling mess-free winemaking.

The triple-pad filtration mechanism of this Buon Vino filter system is also worth mentioning. It can filter the fermented liquid for every last speck of sediment. You can get your wine as sparkling and fine as a product from a large-scale winery.


  • Ergonomic design— can set up in the tightest spaces
  • Impressive filtration capacity
  • Great value for money


  • Prone to leakage

3. Buon Vino Complete Super Jet Wine Filter System 3 Pad

If you’re making large batches of wines at home and also selling them in customized wine bottles, then consider buying this super-sized filter model by Buon Vino. This filter by the Italian manufacturer can filter up to 270 liters of wine in an hour.

Like other Buon Vino machines, Super Jet Wine Filter System one also features a 3-pad filtration system that can filter all types of wines. This filtration mechanism is so good that you can also use it for the filtration of other beverages like beers and cedars.

The other striking feature of this winemaking filtration system is the sleekly designed grooves on its top-quality polymer filtering plates. These grooves ensure every drop of wine goes through the filter pad and get processed for all sediments.


  • Can filter up to 40 gallons of wine at a time
  • Come with 3 different filtration pads
  • Dependable Italian quality


  • Sprawling and slightly unstable frame

4. Eagle Brewing FIL40 Beer and Wine Filter Kit

This is relatively a new name among the winemaking filtration systems. However, people who have used it vouch for its good performance. Eagle Brewing FIL40 Beer and Wine Filter uses two Cornelius kegs and CO2 pressure to filter and push the liquid through the filtration system.

The best thing about this filtration apparatus is its filtering precision. It can clear the filtered liquid for sediments as small as one micron. This detailed filtration gives you a batch of wine that is as sparkling as spring water.

We also like its disposable polypropylene filters that deliver optimal performance during their short operating life. The capacity of this filter is not more than a couple of gallons. However, the impeccable filtration makes up for the lack of capacity.


  • Compact design and easy to install
  • Delivers precision filtration
  • Suitable for both wine and beer filtration


  • Makes wine susceptible to oxidation

5. Buon Vino Super Jet Filter

This is another variant of the Buon Vino Super Jet Filter system and suitable for all those making large batches of wine. This Super Jet Filter can process 80 gallons of wine in an hour. The thing that makes it stand apart from its Super Jet counterpart is its design.

It doesn’t have a sprawling design. At first sight, you can’t tell if it is capable of filtering 80 gallons of wines within 60 minutes. This Buon Vino filtration system also features a self-priming pump, making it a plug-n-play device.

Like other Buon Vino filtration systems, this one doesn’t come with filtration pads. You’ve to buy them separately. The good thing is you can use a range of different filtration pads with this system.


  • Feature self-priming pump— hassle-free filtration
  • Impressive filtration capacity
  • Handy size


  • A bit heavy on the pocket

What to Consider When Buying a Winemaking Filtration System

Take these following factors into account when you’ve to buy a filtration system for your home winemaking.

Pump Type

The first thing you need to consider is the type of pump you want to work with. You have to options there: mechanical and electrical pumps. Filters with manual pumps require you to use physical force to remove sediments from the batch of wine.

In contrast, electrical filtration systems have motors that produce their own filtration force through a vacuum. For home winemakers, electrical filtration systems are better options for their hassle-free use.


If you’ve set up your winemaking setup in your kitchen or backyard, then consider buying a filtration system with a compact footprint. We’ve reviewed a couple of filtration systems that sport ergonomic frames.


If you’re new to winemaking and doing it just for yourself, friends and family, then filtration systems with five-gallon capacity are more than enough. However, if you’ve started winemaking as a side gig and need to filter larger batches of wine, then systems like Buon Vino Super Jet will fulfill your large capacity requirements.

Filtration Type

If you’re particular about the level of filtration, then you also need to consider the type of filter a filtration system uses. For instance, most winemaking filtration system uses cellulose pad filters that are enough to separate large sediments. However, opt for a filtration system with a spun-polypropylene filter for micron-level sediment.

Our Final Thoughts

With a dedicated filter system at your disposal, you can improve the taste, texture, and overall quality of your homemade wine. We hope that the above review discussion helps you in picking the best winemaking filter system that is in line with your requirements and budget.

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