Best Distillers Yeast for Making Moonshine

The process required for making moonshine is quite complex and intricate. The entire process requires the use of extensive science-related concepts and is also based on a lot of what you learned in your high school chemistry class. The process required for distillation is itself straight out of a high school Chemistry book, as it looks at the extraction of spirit from the wash process.


In a Hurry? Here are Our Top Choices


The process for producing the wash itself follows principles of biochemistry and is more dependent on microscopic fungal organisms that we today call and know by the name of yeast.


The 5 Best Distillers Yeast for Making Moonshine

In this article, we will be taking a quick look at the best distillers yeast for making moonshine. We will also look at some of the different types of yeast available in the market and the features you should look for while buying. Remember that the buying process is just as intricate as the process itself and that you will probably find yourself in unchartered grounds if you don’t know the process by heart and soul.


1. Red Star DADY (Distillers Active Dry Yeast)

This Red Star DADY (Distillers Active Dry Yeast) is the perfect yeast that can be used for making almost any kind of fermented beverage. The yeast is not just easily available everywhere you want, but also offers exceptional quality and results for the amount that you spend on it. The popularity for this Red Star DADY yeast comes from the fact that it can ferment just about every liquid when placed in stable room temperature.


As soon as you pitch this yeast into your mash, you will witness the characteristics of the yeast in play with your own eyes. The yeast can get the job done in time and in the manner you want.



  • Starts quickly and provides a rapid fermentation process
  • Available almost everywhere you go
  • Very reliable to provide the results you expect
  • Can ferment all kinds of sugars



  • The fermentation process can turn violent at times


2. Alcotec 48 Hour Turbo Yeast

This Alcotec 48 Hour Turbo Yeast is the quickest out of all the yeasts that we have tested as part of creating this list. The results provided by this Alcotec yeast are almost immediate. The liquid content is not disturbed by the fermentation process and comes out the highest.


The downside to using this yeast is that the wash can taste almost placid and tasteless. Many off-flavors disturb the result that you were actually looking to achieve with the yeast here. Maybe this is the price you pay for getting things done quickly.



  • Gives the quickest fermentation out of the entire bunch
  • Performs great at room temperature
  • High tolerance



  • Many off-flavors can be produced as a result of the process.


3. Red Star HOZQ8-529 Premier Blanc Wine Yeast

This Red Star HOZQ8-529 Premier Blanc Wine Yeast is an extremely reliable and trustworthy yeast option with versatile applications. The yeast can be used for making various types of cider, sodas, wine and even mead. The process is relatively smooth and there are no hiccups involved along the way. The good part about this yeast is that it wastes no time.


With all the praises done, we feel that the yeast may leave some leftovers in the form of residual sweetness even after being done with the entire wash. Since the yeast still tasted particularly nice, you can use it for making moonshine with plenty of flavors to it.



  • An extremely versatile and reliable strain that you can trust for the results that you get
  • Works perfectly fine in room temperature
  • Little risk of stuck fermentation



  • Can only work well for mashes that are based on fruits


4. Super Yeast

This Super Yeast is also a decent yeast choice for the process of making moonshine. Experts believe that this yeast cannot be overlooked when it comes to the process of making moonshine. The fermentation is a bit wild and can blow the lid of your jug or any other utensil out of place.


There is a lot of foam produced in the process, which is why it resembles turbo yeast in this aspect. The result tasted the strongest out of the lot that we produced. Always remember to leave some headspace while working with this type of yeast distiller.



  • The fermentation process is extremely rapid and active
  • The alcohol tolerance level is measured up to 20 percent ABV
  • The yeast can do its job well even at room temperatures



  • The flavor turned out to be a bit harsh
  • Fermentation is violent


5. Danstar Abbaye Ale Yeast

This Danstar Abbaye Ale Yeast ferments really well and is added to this list for scientific reasons as well. This yeast strain has the ability to ferment over 12 to 13 percent, which is why it ranks in the same pedestal as some of the other yeasts used for wine and distillers.


The yeast is also well suited for fermenting complex sugars and can be trusted. The fermentation process is quite decent and you will get a result that can remind you of Belgian abbey bears. Overall a decent experience!



  • Provides fast and clear fermentation in different temperature ranges
  • Can work well with different grain-based mashes



  • Has a particular flavor
  • Liquor tolerance is moderate


Things to Consider When Buying the Best Distillers Yeast for Moonshine

Buying the best distillers yeast for making moonshine can be a tricky stage to maneuver. You have to think of the best yeasts for the job and have to make sure that you don’t err in the process. In this section, we look at some of the things you ought to consider when buying the best distillers yeast for making moonshine.


The Importance of Yeast

As we have mentioned above as well, yeast is considered a fungal single-cell microorganism. This distilled yeast is used to make sure that the wash is properly distilled before the final spirit is prepared. Yeast is used in multiple processes where fermentation is a necessary task. The primary purpose behind the addition of yeast into moonshine is to metabolize the sugars that are present in the mash.


The Type of Yeast

The type of yeast is also a necessary attribute that you should consider before buying the best distillers yeast for making moonshine. While all kinds of yeast come from the same family, there is still some diversity that you should take care of.


The types of yeast include turbo yeast, champagne yeast, bread yeast, and distillers yeast. All of these different types of yeast come with different processes. It is best for you to know these processes so that you are aware of what you are creating.



Finally, you should consider the price of the yeast that you buy. The price is a necessary component of the overall product, and you shouldn’t exceed the budget that you have in mind.


Our Final Thoughts

In conclusion, it is best to add that distillers yeast is absolutely necessary for making moonshine. Take inspiration from the products we have mentioned here and make sure that you create some amazing moonshine.


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