Best Spirit Infusion Kits

Liquor store shelves are seemingly always lined with an endless stock of fruit-flavored spirits, from tequila and bourbon to rum and vodka. When done right, spirits can be infused with any in-season produce to curate an elevated twist in your cocktails.

In a Hurry? Here are Our Top Choices

Until quite recently, you may have believed that spirit infusion is something that can only be accomplished by craft cocktail bars or commercial giants. On the contrary, the best spirit infusion kits allow us to make beautiful infusions right at home.

The 5 Best Spirit Infusion Kits

We’ve handpicked 5 of the most top rated spirit infusion kits and you’ll find that each of these require minimal ingredients and tools. All you need to do is jog past our reviews or read our buyer’s guide to be on your way to making a mouthwatering cocktail right at home.

1. Rokz Gin and Tonic Spirit Infusion Blend for Cocktails

The Rokz Gin and Tonic Spirit Infusion Blend for Cocktails is the perfect blend for cocktails that have a splash of gin or are made entirely out of gin. This is one of the best spirit infusion kits in the market because it was designed specifically for gin and tonic blend and with just two cups of your favorite beverage and this infusion kit, you’re in for a brand new acquired taste.

Best Spirit Infusion Kits


  • Can be added according to the desired strength you want from your drink
  • Can also double up as a tasty blend to rim your glass with
  • Very easy process and all you need to do is add, swirl and store in a refrigerator
  • The weights, ingredients, and measurements are always constant
  • Can create 40 infused cocktails with one kit
  • Affordable


  • Does not blend very well with strong tasting beverages like scotch whiskey

2. Rokz Ginger Cardamom Spirit Infusion Blend for Cocktails

The Rokz Ginger Cardamom Spirit Infusion Blend for Cocktails is a fancy twist for boring cocktails or spirits that you and your drinking buddies are used to. Go ahead and surprise them with the same beverages with ginger and cardamom infused blends. Additionally, you can also add more of the ingredients till the drink reaches your desired strength.


  • Very easy instructions
  • Can be added to a larger variety of drinks
  • More of a twist than your average fruity blends
  • Very reliable and the results are very easy to predict
  • All you need to do is pour, swirl and store in a freezer
  • Affordable


  • Blends well with strong tasting spirits such as whiskey, bourbon or tequila

3. Rokz Fiery Pepper Spirit Infusion Bottle

The Rokz Fiery Pepper Spirit Infusion Bottle is very easy to use. Each of these refill packs are sold with the same weights and measurements of high quality and high grade ingredients of fiery pepper infusion.

All you need to do is pour the ingredients of this kit into the infusion container. Next, add 2 cups of your favorite spirit and then store the container in a freezer or refrigerator. Make sure you swirl the ingredients in the drink before stealing a taste of the fiery pepper.


  • Additional ingredients can be added to reach your desired strength
  • A very unique flavor as compared to fruity infusion kits
  • Every refill pack has constant weights and measurements
  • Can be used as an additional infusion ingredient alongside fruity notes
  • Much easier to whip up as opposed to DIY infusion
  • Affordable


  • May not be the best option for neutral spirit cocktails

4. Rokz Citrus Blueberry Spirit Infusion Blend for Cocktails

The Rokz Citrus Blueberry Spirit Infusion Blend for Cocktails can take your cocktail game to the next level. This Blueberry infused blend is a tasty mix of citrus flavors that are very easy to use. Each of these spirit infusion kits is meant to help you whip up 40 hand crafted blends for cocktails.


  • All you need to do is edge your glass with a little bit of this infusion blend
  • You can choose to rim the glass with salt to complement the citrus flavor
  • Perfect infusion blend for cocktail parties
  • Can create 40 cocktails
  • Can create a phenomenal blueberry garnish in no time
  • Affordable


  • Cannot be infused with dark alcoholic beverages

5. Rokz Spirit Infusion Bottle and Mix With One Mix Refill (Cranberry)

The Rokz Spirit Infusion Bottle and Mix with One Mix Refill (Cranberry) can help you take your spirit cocktails to a whole new level. This kit consists of rimming sugar and infusion ingredients that include 3 different sugar cane flavors, orange peel, hibiscus and of course, the un-miss-able natural cranberry flavor.


  • Can create 40 infused spirit drinks
  • The infusion ingredients can also be doubled up as garnish
  • Blends beautifully with syrup or lime
  • Very reliable and the results and very easy to predict
  • Works exceptionally well with vodka and other neutral spirits
  • Affordable


  • Does not infuse will with strong tasting liquors and whiskeys.

What to Look for When Picking the Best Spirit Infusion Kits

Your Base Spirit

When it comes to infusing spirits, a neutral alcohol is usually your safest bet because it inherently doesn’t have any flavors to clash with spirit infusion kits. However, you don’t need to limit your imagination to flavorless tequila or vodka. You can also try infusing gin or rum with additives that complement the botanicals that were used in this spirit’s distillation process.

Darker spirits like bourbon or brandy can only be successfully paired with fruit if they have caramel and toasty notes right out of their barrel aged products. Of course, there is no need to go out and buy top-of-the-line alcohol for your home project. You could also work with the wine you use for cooking or anything else that you like drinking as it is.

Your Fruit

Unlike your base spirits, the fruit flavors you choose should always be top-of-the-line. However, in this case, this means looking for flavors that are in-season, and if you can manage it, try to get your hands on organic, local and fully-ripe infusion kits.

As for which kind of fruit will complement your spirit the best, this might take some consideration and experience. If you’re an avid cook or a cocktail connoisseur, then your mind may be whirring with spirit and fruit combinations. For everyone else, however, here are a couple of ideas for your inspiration:

  • Bourbon: apples, cherries, oranges, plums or figs
  • Rum: coconut, bananas, pineapple, passion fruit, lime or mangoes
  • Gin: strawberries or blackberries
  • Tequila: pomegranate, grapefruit or watermelon
  • Vodka: grapes, lemons or blueberries

Any Other Additional Flavors?

Fruit may be the focus of this post but you don’t necessarily have to be limited to fruity flavors. Yes, fruit infusions may be a great starting place for beginners but, as time passes by, you might want to get accustomed to a little more complexity in your infusion skills.

For instance, you can try throwing in dried herbs or fresh spices into the mix as follows:

  • Spices: vanilla beans, peppercorns, allspice, cloves, star anise, cinnamon, ginger
  • Herbs: cilantro, lemongrass, dill, basil, thyme, parsley, rosemary, mint
  • Other: dried dates, pecans, peppers, garlic

Our Final Thoughts

The best spirit infusion kits are a cheap alternative to DIY-ing your spirit infusions and wasting a nice bottle of alcohol. With any of the products we have listed above, you can add an interesting little twist to your favorite alcoholic beverages. Your taste buds are in for a whole new experience, my friend. Chin-chin!

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