Best Moonshine Flavors

Moonshine is an old age American tradition. With roots dating back to the founding of the United States, moonshine has been a part of history and our home. It’s a favorite among several people across the country. Is it your favorite too? If it is, have you ever tried to distill moonshine? If distilling moonshine is your part-time hobby, let us tell you the best moonshine flavors.

You can create amazing flavored moonshine at home. You’ll create it using the sugar shine mash, as it eliminates the corn flavor tones. Sugar shine mash is the preferred method among distillers for creating flavored moonshine.

The 10 Best Moonshine Flavors

When we looked at the various flavors, there were just so many mouthwatering flavors to choose from that it made our job harder. However, we did it, and we present you with the most popular moonshine flavors.

1. Apple Pie-Flavored Moonshine

If you love apple pie, you’ll love apple pie flavored moonshine. Apple pie among moonshine fans is one of the most popular flavors. You need apple cider, apple juice, and cinnamon sticks to get the flavor right. Make it months before Thanksgiving and Christmas, as the more it ages, the better it tastes. Serve your apple pie moonshine to your friends and family. We’re sure they’ll love it with a slice of apple pie on the side.

Raspberry Moonshine

2. Strawberry Rhubarb-Flavored Moonshine

Summer is the month of strawberry rhubarb moonshine. If it’s hot outside, you can drink a wonderful strawberry rhubarb moonshine to quench your thirst. Combine strawberries and rhubarb to your mash to create this refreshing drink. Before you combine it with your mash, you need to strain it to remove the fruit chunks and then combine it with your mash. Store it and enjoy it. Each day, your strawberry rhubarb moonshine will taste better, as age enhances its taste.

3. Raspberry-Flavored Moonshine

Making homemade raspberry-flavored moonshine isn’t easy, but is it the worth effort? Yes, it is! Even though you can drink your moonshine the day you make it, for this one, we recommend aging it for at least a month before you drink it. Get some fresh raspberries to get started. You’ll need to separate the raspberries from your moonshine because we don’t want any chunks. Let it cool at room temperature, put in containers, and then store it. Remember, the longer the aging process, the better it’ll taste. If you can’t wait, we understand. Drink and enjoy.

4. Kiwi-Flavored Moonshine

Kiwi moonshine is not easily available like other flavors are. This means that most people haven’t discovered it and you could be one of them. If you have never had kiwi flavored moonshine before, but you’re a fan of kiwi, you should make it at home. For this, you need to let the kiwi sit in the moonshine for several days. Like a sponge, your moonshine will soak up the flavor. If you want to try a flavor that you’ve never tried before or serve a moonshine hardly anyone has come across on shelves, create kiwi moonshine for your guests.

5. Caramel Apple-Flavored Moonshine

If you got the chance to make apple pie moonshine and liked it, try making caramel apple moonshine next. You need to use caramel, apple juice, apple cider, and cinnamon to make it. You can serve it with ice cream topped with caramel.

6. Pumpkin Pie-Flavored Moonshine

Pumpkin pie moonshine is the perfect beverage to drink on Halloween. If you are throwing a Halloween party for your friends and family, keep with the theme and serve pumpkin pie moonshine. You need to add pumpkin puree, cinnamon, ground ginger, apple cider, brown sugar, and nutmeg to make it. Once it reaches your desired consistency, add your moonshine to it. You can top it with whipped cream. This is the perfect grown-up drink to give to your friends and family.

7. Blackberry-Flavored Moonshine

If you are all about blackberry jam, blackberry muffins, and blackberry everything, add to your list by making blackberry moonshine. Blackberry will enhance the taste of your moonshine, making it stronger, and we don’t kid. The flavor profile will be stronger, and if that’s what you like, this is the perfect moonshine for you to make at home.

8. Lemonade-Flavored Moonshine

Lemonade moonshine is another summer favorite. If you like sweet and tangy food, this drink is right up your alley. Lemon juice gives the moonshine its tangy flavor while sugar sweetens it. We recommend using freshly squeezed lemon juice. Before you add the moonshine to mason jars, let it cool at room temperature. Put the mason jars in the fridge, and once chilled, take it out and drink it.

9. Honey-Flavored Moonshine

Everything is sweeter with honey. You can make honey moonshine using honey. Add honey to your mash and then into a fermentation jar. Cover it with a muslin or cheesecloth and allow it to ferment. Once the bubbling stops, your beverage is ready to drink. You can increase the moonshine’s flavor by letting it age for several months before you drink it.

10. Pineapple-Flavored Moonshine

If you can’t go to Hawaii, bring Hawaii to you by making pineapple moonshine. Add canned pineapple juice into a stock pot with sugar. Once done, let it cool at room temperature and then add your moonshine to it. You can pour them into mason jars and put them in the fridge. When you are in the mood to visit Hawaii, drink pineapple moonshine, and close your eyes to get transported.

Tips for Flavoring Moonshine

Are you ready to make flavored moonshine? Before we let you go, let’s give you a few tips first.

1. Ensure You Get Proper Distillation Permits

You need to have proper distillation permits to make moonshine in your home. You need to look up the laws in your state, as laws differ from state to state and country. Most people need to obtain two permits, one from the state and one from the federal government. Follow the procedure to get a permit to make moonshine in your state legally.

2. Use Appropriate Distillation Equipment

These best moonshine flavors will taste amazing if you make them using proper distillation equipment. Get a still made from 304 stainless steel, as that’s the stronger and most durable. Buying a still made from other types of material such as used radiators, plastic barrels, and sheet metal can pose a danger. Additionally, use waster based flux and lead-free solder to create a still.

3. Don’t Make Moonshine Indoors

Making moonshine indoors can cause a safety hazard for both you and your family. If you make a mistake while making your moonshine, it can result in a fire, and if prepared outdoors, it can be mitigated. For this reason, we recommend having a fire extinguisher nearby. If a fire erupts, you can quickly put it out.

4. Control Water Vapor

Leaky moonshine can cause the wash to leak on the surface before your alcohol can even separate. You don’t want your time and money to go to waste. Leaks can even cause explosive water vapor of alcohol to escape, resulting in a very dangerous situation.

Our Final Thoughts

These are the best moonshine flavors you can create at home, following our tips for a safe distilling experience. If you like more than two on our list, we say try them all. Do let them age if you want to enhance the taste of the moonshine. Go and get the supplies needed to create flavored moonshines because we bet you’re aching to taste them all.

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