Best Distilleries in New Mexico: Your Guide to the Top Spots for Spirits

New Mexico, often overlooked in the world of distilleries, is actually a hidden gem with a burgeoning spirits scene. You’re about to embark on an intoxicating journey that will tantalize your palate and broaden your horizons. This southwestern state boasts an array of distilleries that produce everything from whiskey to gin, vodka, and more.

Now don’t let its reputation for chiles and turquoise fool you. New Mexico holds its own when it comes to distilled spirits. You’ll find small-batch operations run by passionate artisans who are committed not only to their craft but also to showcasing the unique flavors and flair of the region.

So get ready! We’re going on a virtual tour of some of the best distilleries in New Mexico. From age-old traditions fused with innovative techniques, every stop promises something special. Buckle up; it’s going to be one unforgettable ride through the spirit-soaked landscape of enchanting New Mexico.

Exploring New Mexico’s Distillery Scene

Hey, are you a spirits enthusiast? Well, you’re in for a treat. We’re about to take a deep dive into New Mexico’s burgeoning distillery scene. The Land of Enchantment is not just about chile and enchanting landscapes; it’s becoming quite the hub for craft spirits too.

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New Mexico is home to some outstanding distilleries that offer everything from vodka and gin to whiskey and rum. You’d be amazed at how diverse the spirit offerings are here. Take, for example, Santa Fe Spirits. Located in the heart of Santa Fe, this distillery stands out with its unique Apple Brandy and Silver Coyote Whiskey.

Let’s talk numbers: there are over 57 licensed craft distilleries throughout New Mexico according to the American Craft Spirits Association:

Number of Distilleries Location
8 Albuquerque
7 Santa Fe
5 Las Cruces

But don’t think it’s all about quantity – oh no! It’s quality that truly shines through. Take Left Turn Distilling in Albuquerque or Algodones Distillery located north of Bernalillo; they’re serving up some stellar spirits that could easily rival any big-name brand.

Want more reasons to explore? Many of these distilleries have tasting rooms where you can sample their wares straight up or mixed into innovative cocktails. Some even offer tours so you can get an inside look at their process – from grain-to-glass as they say!

So go ahead, put on your explorer hat (or should we say drinking cap?) and get ready to discover some exceptional local spirits right here in New Mexico.

Understanding the Craft of Distilling in New Mexico

Diving into the realm of distilling in New Mexico, you’re about to experience a world steeped in history and rich with innovation. It’s a place where traditional methods meet modern technology, creating spirits that are as unique as the state itself.

First off, let’s talk about how seriously New Mexico takes its craft. Back in 2012, there were only four active distilleries here. Fast forward to today and there are over twenty! That’s quite an impressive growth rate if you ask me. And it doesn’t stop there; these distilleries aren’t just producing your run-of-the-mill spirits – they’re going all out with their creativity.

Year Number of Distilleries
2012 4
2021 Over 20

Now let’s take a moment to appreciate New Mexican whiskey. Imagine sipping on a glass filled with notes of roasted agave or hints of sweet prickly pear – that’s what local distillers have been able to achieve through their experimental blends.

And then there’s vodka. You might be thinking, “Vodka? But isn’t that just plain ol’ alcohol?” Well, not when it comes from New Mexico! Here you’ll find vodkas infused with things like green chili (a state favorite) or hibiscus flowers for an extra kick.

But don’t forget about rum and gin too! Distillers have been known to incorporate ingredients native to the state such as piñon nuts and juniper berries giving these classics a distinct southwestern twist.

  • Whiskey: Roasted Agave, Prickly Pear
  • Vodka: Green Chili, Hibiscus Flowers
  • Rum/Gin: Piñon Nuts, Juniper Berries

So you see, understanding the craft of distilling in New Mexico is more than just knowing what goes into each bottle – it’s about appreciating the care and creativity that goes into every sip. Whether it’s from experimenting with local flavors or implementing age-old techniques in new ways, it’s clear that this is one industry where tradition meets innovation at every turn.

Top-Rated Distilleries to Visit in New Mexico

Now, buckle up as we’re about to take you on a virtual tour of the best distilleries that New Mexico has to offer. You’ll find yourself amazed at the range of spirits these southwestern gems are producing, from whiskey and vodka to gin and rum.

Let’s kick things off with Santa Fe Spirits. This is more than just a distillery; it’s an experience brimming with innovation and craftmanship. Here, they’re making award-winning spirits like their Colkegan Single Malt Whiskey which is smoked with local mesquite wood rather than peat for a truly unique flavor. You can’t help but appreciate their dedication to using regional ingredients for that authentic New Mexican touch.

Next up on your must-visit list should be Left Turn Distilling in Albuquerque. Tucked away in an unassuming warehouse lies this gem where they’ve been crafting top-notch spirits since 2013. They serve everything from blue corn whiskey (a New Mexican speciality) to navy strength rum, all crafted meticulously by hand.

Then there’s Algodones Distillery, hidden away in the quiet town of Algodones. It might be small, but don’t let its size fool you! This boutique distillery packs a punch when it comes to quality spirits made solely from locally sourced ingredients.

And who could forget about Dry Point Distillers? Located right in the heart of Las Cruces, Dry Point offers a sleek tasting room where visitors can sample their array of finely crafted gins and brandies while soaking up some warm southwestern hospitality.

Finally, make sure you drop by Hollow Spirits, another Albuquerque find that prides itself on creating ‘spirits with character’. They’ve got everything from vodka distilled seven times for ultimate purity to rums aged in oak barrels for that rich caramel aroma.

So there you have it – five exceptional distilleries that prove why New Mexico is fast becoming a hotspot for spirit enthusiasts across the country.

Hidden Gem Distilleries in New Mexico

So, you’re looking for distilleries off the beaten path in New Mexico? Well, your journey is about to get a whole lot more exciting. We’re diving into those hidden gems that offer unique spirits and unforgettable experiences. Buckle up!

Let’s kick things off with Algodones Distillery. Nestled in the small town of Algodones, it’s a place where traditional methods meet modern style. Here you’ll find handcrafted gin, vodka, and rum distilled from local ingredients – each bottle telling its own story of New Mexican tradition and ingenuity.

Then there’s Little Toad Creek Brewery & Distillery over in Silver City. They’re serving not just brews but also an array of spirits including whiskey, vodka, rum and even agave spirit! If you fancy sipping on something different while enjoying live music events — this spot is worth checking out!

But don’t stop there! Make sure to visit Santa Fe Spirits, another hidden gem nestled among the rolling hills outside Santa Fe. Their artisanal creations range from single malt whiskey to apple brandy – all made using locally sourced ingredients.

Here are few more distilleries that should be on your radar:

  • Left Turn Distilling: Known for their blue corn whiskey
  • KGB Spirits: Producers of award-winning gin
  • Broken Trail Spirits & Brew: Offering unique blends like bourbon infused with coffee

Each one offers something special – whether it’s their craftmanship or their commitment to keeping things local. So next time you’re touring around New Mexico—don’t forget these little-known places serving up big flavors!

Tasting Experiences at Premier New Mexico Distilleries

Hey there, ready for a journey to flavor town? Well, you’re in luck as we dive into the exquisite tasting experiences offered by premier distilleries in New Mexico. We’ll be your guide as we explore everything from award-winning spirits to exclusive tours that take you behind the scenes of these local gems.

Let’s kick things off with Santa Fe Spirits. Known for their exceptional small-batch whiskeys and apple brandy, this distillery offers tastings that are nothing short of an adventure. You can sample their classic “Colkegan” single malt or go for something unique like the “Expedition” whiskey which is aged outdoors. It’s truly a taste of New Mexico right in your glass!

Up next on our tour is Algodones Distillery nestled in the heart of historic Algodones. They serve up handcrafted spirits distilled from locally grown grains and fruits. Their signature tasting includes sips of their smooth vodka, flavorful gin and rich bourbon – all produced using traditional methods.

Don’t miss out on Hollow Spirits either! This Albuquerque-based distillery prides itself on creating spirits with personality and they certainly deliver during their tastings. Favorites include ‘Ghost’ vodka (named after founder Frank Holloway) and ‘Freakshow’ tequila – talk about a party in your mouth!

If you’re a fan of moonshine, then Broken Trail is definitely worth checking out. They’ve got quite a reputation for making some pretty fantastic hooch! From classic corn whiskey to green chile-infused moonshine, all paired perfectly with craft beers brewed onsite – it’s hard not to fall head over heels with Broken Trail.

And last but not least, Left Turn Distilling provides an intimate atmosphere where you can try some real heavy hitters like Old Tom Gin and Rojo Piñon Rum whilst rubbing shoulders with master distiller Brian Langwell himself!

So there you have it – just a peek into what awaits when you step into these top-notch New Mexico distilleries for an unforgettable tasting experience.

Touring Routes for the Best Distilleries in New Mexico

New Mexico, known for its breathtaking landscapes and rich culture, is also home to some of the best distilleries you could ever visit. Let’s dive into a few touring routes that’ll make your spirits soar!

You might want to kick off your tour at Santa Fe Spirits, nestled in the heart of Santa Fe. They’re well-known for their artisanal spirits made using local ingredients. From there, it’s an easy drive down to Albuquerque where you’ll find Hollow Spirits Distillery waiting with their unique grain-to-glass approach.

Next up on your itinerary could be Algodones Distillery, located just north of Albuquerque in the quaint village of Algodones. It’s here that they craft small batches of gin, vodka and whiskey using traditional methods.

  • Santa Fe Spirits
  • Hollow Spirits Distillery
  • Algodones Distillery

And hey! Don’t forget about Left Turn Distilling over in ABQ (that’s what locals call Albuquerque). This spot is a hidden gem where they’ve been making handcrafted spirits since 2014.

A few other honorable mentions include Little Toad Creek Brewery & Distillery in Silver City and Dry Point Distillers right back up north in Las Cruces. Both places offer tours along with tastings so it’s not just about seeing how it’s made but getting a taste too!

  • Left Turn Distilling
  • Little Toad Creek Brewery & Distillery
  • Dry Point Distillers

Remember these are just suggestions! With so many great distilleries scattered around this beautiful state, you’re free to create your own path and savor each stop along the way!

Sustainable Practices of Leading New Mexico Distilleries

Diving right into the heart of our topic, let’s explore the world of sustainable practices in New Mexico’s dynamic distillery scene. You’d be amazed to know how these distilleries are not just creating remarkable spirits, but they’re also deeply committed to sustainable and eco-friendly practices.

Take Santa Fe Spirits for instance. This leading craft distillery is a prime example of sustainability at work. They source locally grown fruits and grains for their production, reducing transportation costs and supporting local farmers. Then there’s Skarsgard Farms Distillery, which has taken farm-to-bottle quite literally! They grow their own organic grains on-site that are used for making vodka and whiskey.

Now you might ask yourself, what about waste? Well, that’s where places like Left Turn Distilling step in. These guys have a wonderful practice where they recycle 100% of their grain mash waste by donating it to local farms as animal feed. Talk about turning waste into something useful!

Let’s not forget energy use – an often overlooked aspect when we talk about sustainability. Hollow Spirits Distillery wins some brownie points here with their solar-powered facility! Yes, you heard it right – they harness the power of the sun to create your favorite spirits.

Here’s a quick glance at some key facts:

Distillery Sustainable Practice
Santa Fe Spirits Locally sourced ingredients
Skarsgard Farms Distillery On-site organic farming
Left Turn Distilling Recycling grain mash waste
Hollow Spirits Distillery Solar-powered facilities

In conclusion (see what I did there?), New Mexico’s distilleries aren’t just satisfying your thirst for fine spirits; they’re also setting strong examples when it comes to environmental responsibility.

Conclusion: The Unique Charm of New Mexico’s Best Distilleries

You’ve been on a virtual journey, exploring the best distilleries in New Mexico. Isn’t it fascinating how each distillery has a unique story to tell? How they all combine traditional techniques with innovative ideas to create stellar spirits that are simply out of this world?

There’s something truly magical about these places. It may be the rustic charm, or perhaps it’s the passion and dedication that you can taste in every drop of their finely crafted drinks. You’ve probably realized by now that what makes these distilleries stand out isn’t just their high-quality products. It’s also the welcoming atmosphere, the stunning landscapes, and above all—the people.

The folks who run these distilleries aren’t just master craftsmen; they’re also your friends and neighbors. They’re part of what makes New Mexico such an enchanting place to live in and visit.

So next time you feel like savoring a glass of top-notch whiskey or vodka—remember those folks’ hard work, passion, and commitment. Remember those sunny afternoons spent sampling spirits while being surrounded by breathtaking views.

Remember New Mexico’s best distilleries – where every sip tells a story.

Here’s hoping that you got some great insights from our list:

  • Santa Fe Spirits: Known for its Colkegan Whiskey
  • Left Turn Distilling: Offers handcrafted gin, rum & whiskey
  • Algodones Distillery: A hidden gem producing unique spirits

These are not just spots on a map—they’re destinations worth experiencing firsthand. Go ahead! Plan your visit today!

After all, life is too short to drink bad liquor—and in New Mexico’s finest distilleries—you won’t have to!

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