Best Distilleries in Oklahoma: Your Guide to Great Spirits and Good Times

Oklahoma, known for its rich cowboy culture and sweeping plains, is also home to an array of top-notch distilleries that are absolutely worth your time. You might think the Sooner State’s all about rodeos, football, and country music – but it’s got a whole lot more up its sleeve. Truly, Oklahoma’s vibrant spirits scene is something you wouldn’t want to miss.

Each Oklahoman distillery brings its own unique flair to the table. Here, you’ll find everything from traditional whiskey makers using century-old techniques to modern innovators who aren’t afraid to experiment with bold new flavors. Whether you’re a seasoned connoisseur or just starting to dip your toes into the world of spirits, there’s something in Oklahoma for everyone.

So sit back and let’s embark on this journey together! We’ll explore the best distilleries in Oklahoma that offer not only excellent spirits but also fascinating tours and tasting events. Buckle up – we’re in for a flavorful ride!

Exploring Oklahoma’s Distillery Landscape

You might be surprised to learn that Oklahoma isn’t just about cowboy boots and country songs. It’s also a haven for distilled spirits! Yes, you heard it right. The Sooner State is steadily making its mark in the distilling industry with an array of craft spirits.

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The first stop on your Oklahoma distillery adventure should be Prairie Wolf Spirits in Guthrie. This family-owned distillery takes pride in their handcrafted vodka and dark rum, crafted using locally sourced ingredients. Their Loyal Gin offers a unique taste experience that’ll leave you wanting more.

Switching gears, let’s talk about Scissortail Distillery, nestled in Moore. They’re known for bringing out the true essence of Oklahoma with their range of products from bourbon to moonshine. And we can’t forget about their Red Fork Revival Gin; it’s a nod to Tulsa’s iconic Route 66 heritage!

Don’t miss out on visiting Twister Distillery while you’re at it. Based in Moore as well, they’ve taken whiskey-making to new heights with their blend of traditional and modern techniques.

Down in Tulsa, you’ll find the magic of mixed drinks at Dead Armadillo Brewery and Cabin Boys Brewery – two places where creativity meets craftsmanship.

  • Prairie Wolf Spirits: Handcrafted vodka & dark rum
  • Scissortail Distillery: Range from bourbon to moonshine
  • Twister Distillery: Blend of traditional and modern whiskey-making
  • Dead Armadillo Brewery & Cabin Boys Brewery: Creativity meets craftsmanship

With so many choices spread across the state, deciding where to start might seem overwhelming – but hey, isn’t that part of the fun? Each stop has its own unique spirit(s) (pun intended!) waiting for discovery…So why not embark on an intoxicating journey through Oklahoma’s distilleries? Just remember – always drink responsibly!

History of Distilleries in Oklahoma

So, you’re curious about Oklahoma’s distillery history? Well, buckle up because it’s a story filled with resilience and innovation. It all started even before statehood when farmers would turn their surplus grain into spirits. This practice continued well into the 20th century until Prohibition brought a halt to legal distilling.

However, Oklahomans aren’t known for backing down from a challenge! During the dry years of Prohibition, many turned to moonshining to keep the tradition alive (and probably to keep their spirits up too!). These clandestine operations were spread across the state, hidden in barns or out in hilly backwoods areas. It was risky business but these determined folk weren’t going to let some law get between them and their whiskey!

When Prohibition finally ended in 1933, large commercial operations sprang up quickly. Among those early post-Prohibition distillers was a company by the name of ‘Midwest Grain Products’, which has roots dating back to this era. They’ve been producing high-quality spirits ever since and are considered one of the pioneers of distilling in Oklahoma.

But it wasn’t until recently that small-scale craft distilleries really began to flourish due to changes in Oklahoma’s liquor laws. In 2008 an amendment allowed micro-distilleries to offer on-site sales and tastings – a game-changer for smaller businesses! Since then there’s been an explosion of new establishments producing everything from bourbon and gin through vodka and rum.

What sets Oklahoma distilleries apart is their commitment not just quality but also authenticity. Many use locally sourced grains and follow traditional methods while innovating new flavors that capture the essence of this unique region.

Here are few names that are making waves:

  • Prairie Wolf Spirits
  • Scissortail Distillery
  • Twister Distillery

Each has its own special story woven into Oklahoma’s rich tapestry of spirit-making history! So next time you’re sipping on an Okie brew, remember – you’re not just enjoying great taste but also celebrating centuries-old traditions kept alive by passionate folks who love what they do.

Top Rated Whiskey Distilleries in Oklahoma

With its rich history and culture, Oklahoma has become a hub for some of the finest distilleries in the nation. Let’s dive into a few of the top-rated whiskey distilleries right here in this state that’ll leave you craving for an exceptional glass of bourbon or scotch.

First off, we’ve got Prairie Wolf Spirits located in Guthrie. This family-owned distillery prides itself on producing premium spirits with integrity, including their highly acclaimed “Loyal Gin”. But what sets them apart is their dark, full-bodied Prairie Wolf Dark – a whiskey that’s as wild as its name suggests.

Next up is Scissortail Distillery, based out of Moore. They’re known for crafting high-quality spirits using locally sourced grains. Their flagship product? Scissortail Bourbon – it’s smooth, flavorful and characterized by notes of honey and vanilla. It’s worth mentioning that they also offer tours where you can see all the magic happen!

And then there’s Twister Distillery. Nestled within Moore as well, they boast an extensive selection ranging from vodka to rum and yes – outstanding whiskey! Their Twisted Spike Brewery has been making waves among enthusiasts thanks to its unique blends.

Now let’s not forget about Woodward Avenue Brewers. Situated smack dab in Woodward, they have been carving out a niche with their handcrafted spirits since 2006. Their standout product? The WAB Rye Whiskey which boasts an impressive flavor profile.

And finally, we have the much celebrated Panther City Distillery over at Fort Worth. Yes technically it’s in Texas but hey it’s only minutes away from Oklahoma border! Plus their whiskies are so superb we just couldn’t resist giving them a shoutout!

These gems truly showcase the spirit (pun intended) of Oklahoma – each one with a different story to tell and unique flavors to savor.

Exceptional Vodka Producers in The Sooner State

Before you know it, you’re on a thrilling journey through the heartland of Oklahoma, discovering some of the most exceptional vodka distilleries around. You may be surprised to learn that this state isn’t just about cowboy boots and country music; it’s also home to some top-notch vodka producers.

First up is Prairie Wolf Spirits, located in Guthrie. This family-owned distillery prides itself on crafting spirits from high-quality ingredients. Their signature vodka is distilled from grain and purified water, giving it a smooth finish perfect for sipping or mixing into your favorite cocktail.

Next, there’s Twister Distillery in Moore. They’ve been shaking things up with their corn-based vodkas since 2014. What sets them apart? It’s surely their unique filtration process using Oklahoma red dirt – yes, you read that right! It lends an earthy character to their vodkas unlike anything else you’ll taste.

Over at Success Vodka in Midwest City, they’re all about tradition and technique. They stick to time-honored methods like copper pot stills and charcoal filtering for a pure-tasting product. Plus, they’ve got an impressive line-up of flavored vodkas – think clean citrus or rich chocolate.

And let’s not forget Scissortail Distillery in Moore where meticulous attention to detail leads to award-winning vodka. Crafted from wheat grain sourced directly from local farmers, this distillery has made quite the name for itself in recent years.

  • Prairie Wolf Spirits: Located in Guthrie
  • Twister Distillery: Located in Moore
  • Success Vodka: Located in Midwest City
  • Scissortail Distillery: Also located in Moore

If there’s one thing these distilleries prove, it’s that Oklahoma has more than its fair share of excellent vodka producers who are passionate about their craft.

Gin Distilleries: A Hidden Gem in Oklahoma

Let’s take a moment to appreciate the unsung heroes of Oklahoma’s alcohol scene – the gin distilleries. What’s not widely known is that these establishments are churning out some seriously impressive spirits, and they’re doing it right here in our own backyard.

Now, you might be wondering what makes these gin distilleries so special? Well, it all starts with the ingredients. They’re using local botanicals that give their gins a unique flavor profile you won’t find anywhere else. Whether it’s wild juniper berries from the Wichita Mountains or lavender straight from an Oklahoman farm, these guys are all about keeping it local.

Here’s just a taste of what we’re talking about:

  • Prairie Wolf Spirits: Based out of Guthrie, Prairie Wolf Spirits has been making waves with their Loyal Gin. It’s got this crisp and refreshing taste that only comes from using 100% organic botanicals.
  • Scissortail Distillery: Located in Moore, Scissortail is serving up a traditional London Dry style gin but with an Oklahoman twist – they use grains grown right here in state.

And there’s more where those came from! You’ll find amazing gin being produced at places like Twister Distillery and Success Vodka as well. Each one puts its own spin on things while still staying true to classic gin flavors.

So next time you’re ordering up a cocktail or looking for something new to try at home, don’t forget about Oklahoma’s hidden gem – its thriving community of craft gin distilleries. Sure whiskey may get most of the attention but trust me when I say – there’s nothing quite like sipping on some locally made G&T under those great plains skies!

Distillery Tours: An Inside Look at Production Processes

Get ready, because we’re about to dive into the fascinating world of distillery tours in Oklahoma. Now, you might be asking yourself, “Why should I care about how my favorite spirits are made?” Well, it’s like getting a backstage pass to your favorite concert – witnessing the magic happen right before your eyes.

First things first: what exactly happens on these tours? Let me break it down for you. You’ll get to see firsthand how grains transform into that smooth whiskey or potent vodka you love so much. From mashing and fermentation to distillation and aging – every step is an intricate dance between art and science woven together by master distillers.

Now let’s talk specifics. Take Prairie Wolf Spirits in Guthrie for example. This family-owned gem not only offers a tour of their production facilities but even lets you sample their diverse range of products! That’s right; savoring exquisite spirits is part of the package here.

Then there’s Scissortail Distillery in Moore. Known for its award-winning bourbon, this place provides an immersive experience where you can learn about their unique grain-to-glass process while enjoying the rustic charm of their establishment.

And who could forget Woody Creek Distillers in Tulsa? With its focus on craft potato vodkas and rye whiskeys, this distillery delivers a truly unique tasting experience paired with an informative tour revealing their dedication to quality ingredients and traditional methods.

  • Prairie Wolf Spirits (Guthrie)
  • Scissortail Distillery (Moore)
  • Woody Creek Distillers (Tulsa)

So next time you’re sipping on your favorite spirit remember all the hard work that goes into each bottle, from grain selection to bottling. And if ever in Oklahoma, make sure to check out one or more of these fantastic distilleries – they’re not just places that produce alcohol; they’re hubs where tradition meets innovation creating experiences as rich as the spirits they produce!

Supporting Local: The Economic Impact of Oklahoma’s Distilleries

When you’re sipping on a locally distilled whiskey or gin, have you ever stopped to think about the economic impact of your drink? Well, it’s more significant than you might realize. Oklahoma’s distilleries don’t just craft delicious spirits; they also play a crucial role in boosting the local economy.

First off, let’s talk employment. With over 50 distilleries across the state, that’s hundreds of jobs created right there. From expert distillers to marketing gurus and sales representatives – these aren’t just any jobs either; they’re often high-skilled positions with competitive salaries.

Here are some key figures:

  • Number of distilleries: 50+
  • Estimated number of employees per distillery: 10
  • Average salary for a master distiller: $72,000
Number of Distilleries 50+
Estimated Employees / Distillery 10
Average Master Distiller Salary (USD) $72,000

But it doesn’t stop at job creation. Think about all the raw materials needed for making those spirits – from grains to botanicals and everything in between. Many Oklahoma distilleries make an effort to source locally wherever possible, injecting cash into other sectors such as agriculture and packaging.

And let’s not forget about tourism! Plenty of folks are drawn by Oklahoma’s thriving craft spirits scene, which leads to increased revenue for restaurants, hotels and other local businesses.

So next time you’re enjoying an Oklahoma-made spirit remember this – every sip is not only delighting your taste buds but also supporting local jobs and businesses!

Concluding Thoughts on the Best Distilleries in Oklahoma

Well, there you have it! We’ve taken a whirlwind tour of some of the finest distilleries in Oklahoma. We hope your taste buds are tingling and you’re ready to embark on your own spirited adventure.

Let’s face it, every distillery has its own unique charm. Whether it’s the rustic appeal of Prairie Wolf Spirits or the innovative techniques used at Scissortail Distillery, each place offers a distinct experience that you’ll remember long after your glass is empty.

Remember how we talked about those fantastic tours? They’re not just an opportunity to sample exquisite spirits but also a chance to learn about the art and science that goes into creating them. You’ll walk away with newfound respect for these master distillers who pour their heart and soul into every bottle they produce.

And let’s not forget about those tasting rooms! Each one invites you to kick back, relax and savor every sip. It’s here where you can truly appreciate the intricate flavors and craftsmanship behind each spirit.

It’s pretty clear why these places made our list:

  • Quality of spirits
  • Knowledgeable staff
  • A welcoming atmosphere
  • Fantastic tours

So what are you waiting for? Your next great discovery could be just a road trip away! As always, remember to enjoy responsibly. Cheers to new experiences and unforgettable tastes in Oklahoma’s top-notch distilleries!

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