Best Distilleries in Rhode Island: Your Ultimate Guide to Whiskey Wonderland

Are you a liquor connoisseur looking for new flavors to tease your palate? Or maybe you’re just a casual drinker interested in uncovering the hidden gems of Rhode Island’s local booze scene. Either way, Rhode Island’s distilleries have something special in store for you.

This small but mighty state is home to an array of impressive distilleries, each crafting their own unique spirits using locally sourced ingredients and time-honored techniques. From whiskey that’ll warm your insides on those chilly New England nights, to gin that tastes like a summer day by the sea – there’s no shortage of high-quality options.

So get ready! We’re about to take a journey through some of the best distilleries in Rhode Island, where friendly faces are as abundant as the delicious spirits they produce. Let’s raise our glasses to quality craftsmanship, unforgettable flavors, and incredible local businesses that make Rhode Island so remarkable!

Exploring the Rhode Island Distillery Scene

So you’re on a quest to discover the best spirits Rhode Island has to offer! You’re in for quite an adventure. Known for its rich history and coastal charm, it’s no surprise that Rhode Island is home to some truly unique distilleries.

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Let’s start with Sons of Liberty located in South Kingstown. These guys are trailblazers in the American Single Malt Whiskey game. They’ve swept up a bunch of awards over the years, proving that their innovative approach to distillation isn’t just hot air. Their whiskies are brimming with bold flavors, thanks to their unique brewing process.

Don’t forget about Newport Craft Brewing & Distilling Co., which is nestled right in Newport. This place isn’t just known for their beers but also for their exceptional selection of spirits including rum, gin, whiskey and vodka! And if you’re interested in seeing what goes into making your favorite beverages, they offer tours too!

  • Sons of Liberty
  • Newport Craft Brewing & Distilling Co

Next up on our list is Providence’s Industrious Spirit Company, one of the newest additions to Rhode Island’s distilling scene. Despite being relatively new compared to others on this list, they’ve already made waves with their organic vodkas and gins!

Finally, we have Thomas Tew Rums at Newport Distilling Company – whose claim to fame is being Rhode Island’s first licensed distillery since Prohibition. Named after a notorious pirate from Newport’s past, Thomas Tew crafts single-barrel rums that transport you straight back to America’s golden age of rum production.

  • Providence’s Industrious Spirit Company
  • Thomas Tew Rums

Each distillery offers its own unique take on spirit production – from using locally sourced ingredients or traditional methods – making them all worth a visit! So why not plan your itinerary and hit up these fantastic spots? Trust me; your taste buds will thank you!

The Rich History of Distilleries in Rhode Island

Rhode Island’s distillery history is just as fascinating as it’s scenic coasts and historic landmarks. Trust me, you’re in for a treat! Let’s dive right in.

Early records dating back to the late 18th century reveal that Rhode Island was home to numerous rum distilleries. In fact, it was a central hub during the ‘Rum Triangle’ trade era. You might find it surprising but Newport alone hosted around 22 active rum distilleries by mid-1700s! However, this thriving industry took a hit with the onset of Prohibition.

Prohibition in the early 20th century forced these flourishing distilleries to shut down. It cast an eerie silence over the once bustling scene. But don’t worry, that’s not where our story ends! Post-Prohibition era brought with it a resurgence of this lost craft.

Fast forward to recent years – we’ve seen some incredible comeback stories. Distillers are now reviving traditional methods and experimenting with new ones too! For instance, Sons of Liberty Spirits Company made waves by introducing whiskey distilled from beer mash!

Today, there are several renowned distilleries dotting Rhode Island’s map – each one showcasing its unique spin on spirit production. Here are few notable ones:

  • Newport Craft Brewing & Distilling Co.: Known for their exceptional Thomas Tew Rum.
  • Sons of Liberty Spirit Company: Their innovative brews have won them numerous accolades.
  • Providence Distilling Company: A fairly new entrant making quite an impression with their premium spirits.

So there you have it! From being part of the ‘Rum Triangle’ to enduring Prohibition and then rising like a phoenix from its ashes – Rhode Island’s distillery history is truly captivating. And guess what? This rich heritage continues to inspire today’s local producers who strive to keep traditions alive while pushing boundaries every day.

Top Rated Rhode Island Distilleries for Whisky Lovers

Let’s dive right into the world of whisky and explore some top-rated distilleries in Rhode Island. These aren’t just your run-of-the-mill distilleries, but rather, they’re places that pack a punch of flavor and offer a deep dive into the intricate art of whisky making.

First up is Sons of Liberty Spirits Co. They’ve been on the scene since 2009 and have definitely made their mark, being named American Craft Producer of the Year at the Whisky Magazine’s Icons of Whisky awards in 2017. You’ll find a variety of whiskies here with unique mash bills like their Battle Cry Rye which boasts a grain bill containing malted rye and honey malt.

Next on our list is Newport Distilling Company, home to Thomas Tew Rum – but don’t let the rum distract you from their excellent whiskies! They’ve got a Single Barrel expression that’s aged in new charred oak barrels, giving it that intense caramel color and smooth finish.

Don’t skip out on White Dog Distilling either. This small-batch distillery produces handcrafted spirits including an intriguing ‘Moonshine’ style whiskey that’s sure to pique your interest.

Finally, there’s Coastal Extreme Brewing Company, known more commonly as Newport Storm Brewery. While beer might be their primary focus, they’ve also ventured into distilling with their Sea Fog American Whiskey earning rave reviews.

Here are these top-rated Rhode Island distilleries summarized:

  • Sons of Liberty Spirits Co.
  • Newport Distilling Company
  • White Dog Distilling
  • Coastal Extreme Brewing Company

Each one offers something distinctive for every kind of whisky lover out there. So why wait? A world-class whisky experience awaits you in Rhode Island!

Exceptional Vodka Producers in Rhode Island

Let’s dive into the world of vodka, right here in Rhode Island! Known for its high-quality craft distilleries, this state boasts some of the best vodka producers you’ll find anywhere. Let’s toast to a few!

First on our list is Sons of Liberty Spirits Company. They aren’t just making waves, they’re creating tsunamis in the spirits world! Their True Born Gin – a Genever Style Gin – starts as a Belgian Wheat Beer before it’s transformed into an exceptional spirit. This innovative process has earned them numerous awards and recognition.

Next up is Newport Distilling Company, creators of the famed Thomas Tew Rum. But did you know they also produce Pitorro Shine, a Puerto Rican-style moonshine? It’s distilled from apples and aged in American Oak barrels previously used for their rum. Talk about flavorful!

Ever heard of White Dog Distillery? This Pawtucket-based operation is known for its artisanal approach to vodka production. They’re committed to small-batch methods that ensure quality control and exceptional taste.

Have you tried Vanderbilt Reserve Spirits yet? If not, you’re missing out! Located in Providence, these guys are crafting premium spirits that capture the essence of New England tradition with modern innovation.

  • Sons of Liberty Spirits Company
  • Newport Distilling Company
  • White Dog Distillery
  • Vanderbilt Reserve Spirits

Finally, we have Gooseneck Vineyards – yes, a vineyard producing vodka! Their Gooseneck Heritage Vodka is made from locally sourced grains and distilled four times for purity and smoothness.

Rhode Island may be small but it sure does pack a punch when it comes to vodka production! These distilleries are elevating craft spirits with their commitment to quality and innovation.

Rhode Island’s Craft Gin Distilleries to Visit

You’re in for a real treat if you’ve got an appreciation for craft gin. This tiny state is packed with distilleries that are making big waves in the spirits world. Let’s dive into some of Rhode Island’s finest.

First up, let’s talk about Newport Craft Spirits. Based out of Newport, this microdistillery has been crafting unique and flavorful gins since 2006. With their signature flavor profiles and meticulous craftsmanship, they’ve quickly become a must-visit destination for gin lovers.

Another gem worth exploring is Sons of Liberty Spirits Company located in South Kingstown. They’re known not just for their award-winning whiskies but also for a range of innovative gins. What sets them apart? It’s their commitment to using locally sourced ingredients which adds an authentic taste to each bottle.

Over at Pawtucket, you’ll find White Dog Distilling who have earned rave reviews for their creative approach to distilling gin. Their inventive recipes result in bold flavors that are hard to forget once tasted!

Looking for something truly unique? Then make your way over to Providence where Rhodium Spirits resides. This small-batch distillery prides itself on producing unconventional spirits like their pine-infused gin – definitely not one to miss!

Here’s a quick snapshot:

Distillery Location Noteworthy Gin
Newport Craft Spirits Newport Signature Gins
Sons of Liberty Spirits Company South Kingstown Locally-Sourced Gins
White Dog Distilling Pawtucket Inventive Recipes
Rhodium Spirits Providence Pine-Infused Gin

Just remember, these aren’t the only spots worth visiting! There are plenty more craft distilleries scattered across Rhode Island waiting to be discovered by you.

Sustainable Practices in Rhode Island’s Distilleries

Rhode Island’s distilleries are leading the way when it comes to sustainability. You’ll find that they’re not just serving up some of the finest spirits; they’re also doing their part to protect our environment.

One shining example is Sons of Liberty Spirits in South Kingstown. They’ve made a name for themselves by using local ingredients wherever possible, supporting area farmers and minimizing transport emissions. It’s not just about what goes into their bottles – even their packaging is eco-friendly, with recycled materials making up a significant portion of their boxes and labels.

Another standout in sustainable practices is Newport Craft Brewing & Distilling Co.. They’ve installed solar panels on-site to harness renewable energy for production, significantly reducing their carbon footprint. That means every sip you take is a little kinder to Mother Earth!

Let’s not forget about Providence’s Industrious Spirit Company (ISCO). As the first distillery in the state to produce spirits from scratch since Prohibition, ISCO has been committed to sustainability from day one. From sourcing organic grain within 150 miles of the distillery to partnering with local farms for waste product repurposing – it’s clear that ISCO isn’t just talking about sustainability; they’re living it.

While these are only three examples, many other distilleries across Rhode Island are following suit. They’re showing us that good business doesn’t have to come at the expense of our planet – and we think that’s something worth raising a glass to! So next time you enjoy your favorite local spirit, know that there’s more than just great taste inside those bottles – there’s also an unwavering commitment towards sustainability.

Distillery Tours: A Unique Experience in Rhode Island

Stepping into a distillery, you’re immediately embraced by the scent of fermenting grains and aging spirits. It’s an experience that can only be truly appreciated first hand. You’ll find some of the best distilleries right here in Rhode Island, each offering its own unique tour.

Sons of Liberty Spirits Co., for example, takes you on a journey through their whiskey-making process right from grain to glass. Their guide doesn’t just narrate; they engage with you, making sure all your senses are involved – sight, smell, touch and taste. Sounds interesting? Don’t forget to try out their award-winning single malt!

Then there’s Newport Craft Brewing & Distilling Co., a pioneer in the craft beverage industry since 1999. They’ve got not one but two tours! First is ‘The Path’ which takes about 30 minutes giving you an overview of their brewing and distilling processes. Second is ‘The Journey’, designed for true enthusiasts who want to dive deep into the science behind it all.

No visit to Rhode Island would be complete without stopping by The Industrious Spirit Company (ISCO). ISCO prides itself as being the first distillery in Providence since Prohibition! During your tour, besides seeing how their vodka is made from locally sourced organic corn, you get to meet Willy Wonka…I mean Pippy – the still that makes it all happen!

Let’s not forget White Dog Distilling either! This small batch craft distiller offers intimate tours where they share both successes and failures alike – a refreshing change from typically polished narratives.

Here’s a quick snapshot:

Distillery Tour Details
Sons of Liberty Spirits Co. Grain-to-glass Whiskey Tour
Newport Craft Brewing & Distilling Co. The Path (30-minute tour) ; The Journey (deep-dive tour)
The Industrious Spirit Company Vodka-making tour featuring Pippy-the-still
White Dog Distilling Intimate tours sharing both successes and failures

So if you’re looking for something different next time you’re in town or maybe bored on a weekend afternoon – consider taking one of these fascinating distillery tours in Rhode Island.

Conclusion: The Future of Distilleries in Rhode Island

Rhode Island’s future as a distillery destination looks promising. You’ve seen how local operations like Sons of Liberty Spirits and Newport Distilling Company have been making waves. They’re reinventing the craft, creating authentic experiences that you can’t find anywhere else.

Distilleries here are on the rise, and it’s not just because they make fantastic spirits. It’s more than that. These places are fostering community ties, showcasing local ingredients, and contributing to the state’s economy in meaningful ways.

You might be wondering about the numbers behind this surge. Well, let’s break it down:

Year Number of Registered Distilleries
2010 1
2020 8

In just ten years, Rhode Island has seen an impressive growth in its distillery industry.

What does all this mean for your future visits? Here are some predictions:

  • More variety: Expect to see a broader range of spirits being produced right here in Rhode Island.
  • Greater innovation: Look out for new techniques and flavors as distillers continue to push boundaries.
  • Stronger connections: Prepare for even more opportunities to meet the people behind your favorite brands.

You’ll likely see these trends continue into the next decade as well. So whether you’re a casual drinker or a connoisseur, there’ll be something brewing (or fermenting) nearby that will pique your interest!

So go ahead! Dive into Rhode Island’s distillery scene – it promises to keep surprising you with its creativity and resilience moving forward. After all, isn’t that what makes visiting these spots so exciting?

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